Album Stéphane Edouard

This album is the fruit of my story symbolised by encounters, travels and destinies.
At the beginning, Pondicherry, this former French trading post in South India where my parents came from, to arrive in Cergy, the city of my childhood. India, through its scents and its music, marked my youth. It represents the core of this album around which musical inspirations from all continents orbit. Bollywood hits and Indian classical music are my first sources of inspiration. Through this album, I pay homage to my parents, evoking the family reunions where we used to get together every weekend to sing and play together, during joyful and gourmet parties. Cergy represents another part of my childhood lived in parallel: rock, jazz and world music opened up totally new and exciting horizons for me, and once I was an adult, I always wanted to discover and share the worlds of the musicians I worked with. This is what this album offers, a praise to the richness of cultural encounters. We travel through the sounds and percussive attacks of the basses and the vocal ornamentations, all imprinted with the musical origins of each musician and singer. One is transported to India with the sarangi, santour, tablas, bansouri… I search for the plurality of sounds and I mix the colours, I associate them, I cross them and harmonise them for a journey that is high and above all, never quite the same. Today, this intercultural baggage and these different influences are at the heart of the journey that I propose to you. It will take you from one tradition to another and make you discover that instead of universes, we can go further: the multiverse.


This record is a journey described by these words:

Two continents

Two countries

Pondicherry Cergy, cities of my childhood

My heart has found the right measure

Between these two cultures

Travel in my musical universe

Welcome aboard Pondicergy Airlines

Beware of turbulence!